About Us

Chef Sean DraegerPizza Bella is an independent local pizza shop located near Emory University in Atlanta, GA. Our vision was simple; to start a small pizza shop that serves high quality foods, inspired by our neighborhood. After a search on Craigslist, we found a pizza restaurant, full of equipment that was for sale. We purchased the equipment, signed a lease and spent 3 days cleaning and planning our opening. Chef Draeger began developing his Caputo “00” dough recipe and many different sauces. We opened the store and began learning about what the neighborhood was looking for in their pizza. Chef Draeger’s passion and commitment to food excellence is what keeps him up at night, and you can tell in every bite of his food creations; pizza, wings, salads and sandwiches.

We invite you to visit our Atlanta Pizza Shop and see why we have so many repeat customers from all over the world. -To Good Food!!